Monday, June 29, 2009

a girl with hemophilia

Hi my names Crystal. Im going to be fourteen next month. I grew up with many blood disorders, one of them being Hemophilia. Its rare for a girl to get this disorder but not impossible. Its hard not knowing if your going to start bleeding in the middle of a basketball game .
or in the middle of a quiz.... i have gotten use to it more and more but i will never be able to be able to fully learn how to deal with it. In fact my mom doesnt like for me to play sports (i play like 30 sports though). Besides being a Hemophilia i have a hole in my heart that is the size of a quarter dollor. Not many people at my school know about me having this problem and im glaad because at my elementry school they use to give me sympathy just because of this problem...... and im no different then anyone else.I do everything that anybody else can do... well except go onair planes cause there scary :)